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Parish Plan

Ripple Parish Council adopts Parish Plan!

In a recent survey 73% of the 590 householders in Ripple Parish, which is made up by the 6 communities, Ryall, Holly Green, The Grove at Ryall, Naunton, Uckinghall and Ripple responded as part of the Parish Plan.

The purpose of the Parish Plan was to identify features and characteristics, which are important to the residents, and to protect and enhance these, and to manage and improve upon the worst features.

Summary of results of Ripple Parish Plan survey

The overall consensus of residents is that having highlighted some areas for development and improvement, they are largely satisfied with the present level of services and the primarily rural environment. They wish these standards to be maintained without the impact of any major changes or developments.

The Key concerns which will require significant resources and/or attention are: -

Flooding Land drainage issues, flood defences and Community Emergency Planning
Planning decisions Maintain rural environment, limit all development.
Enforcement of planning conditions
Security and Traffic Neighbourhood Watch, Police presence and enforce speed limits
Recycling Maintain current MHDC service, Provision of skips, Energy Conservation awareness
Leisure Facilities Footpath use and maintenance, Children's play facilities, provide cyclepaths

The results and recommendations in the Parish Plan were unanimously adopted by the Parish Council at their October meeting and have been incorporated into its business plan for the next two years.

To see the Results and Analysis of the Community Plan and Young Peoples Questionnaires, click here and select the document to be viewed.