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The Parish Council

Your councillors are committed to represent you, and to be the democratic voice of our community. Find out how the Council works and how you can have your say in local matters. If we do not have direct authority in any matter, we will ensure that your concerns are addressed to the appropriate authority, and represent you there if necessary.

For local issues on which you would like advice or action, please contact the Parish Clerk

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How we work

Our Parish Council is the first tier of statutory elected Local Government, supported by Malvern Hills District Council and Worcestershire County Council. Whilst we have a Partnership Charter with these bodies, we have an element of sovereignty and are not directly answerable to these higher tiers of administration.

Our activities are closely controlled through Acts of Parliament, a Code of Conduct, Standing Orders, Financial Regulations and a Complaints Procedure. Details of all of these are available on request from our Clerk.

We have a (presently unlimited) power to raise a local tax called a Precept, in order to finance our activities in support of the community. This is included in the household Council Tax each year.

The Council comprises nine elected or co-opted Councillors who are usually in office for four years between statutory elections. They receive neither remuneration nor expenses, serving the community pro bono. The Councillors elect from among their number a Chairman and Vice Chairman. The Council officially employs a Clerk, as their statutory Proper Officer, who administers the Councils business, and advises on all matters of procedure and legal affairs. The Clerk is also our Responsible Financial Officer, another position defined in law.

Parish Councils:

  • Are the democratic voice of the community
  • Have legal powers to provide many community services and facilities, either independently or in partnership
  • Influence the decisions made by others on the way our communities are shaped and developed
  • Have the statutory right to be consulted on planning applications
  • Are consulted on community and planning strategies
  • Are rarely organized along party political lines

Ripple Parish Council usually holds eight meetings per year, in the Parish Hall (Ripple). In addition we hold an Annual Parish Meeting which is a public meeting at which residents may raise any matter that affects them or our community.

Notices of our meetings, agendas and minutes, are posted on all six notice boards throughout the Parish, and also on this website. At every meeting members of the public have the right to attend, and also the right to speak on any matter of local concern.

So as to optimize the time and talents of our Councillors, and to more effectively deal with our work schedule, we are organized into eight standing working groups, as follows:

Plans the agendas for meetings, plans and oversees the activities and priorities of the Council.

Responsible for proper financial records, budget planning, financial regulations, risk management, insurance, internal and external audit requirements.

Urgent Decisions
Responsible for taking any urgent decisions that must be made between scheduled Council meetings, within defined financial limits.

Planning North/South
The Parish Council has a legal right to be consulted on all Planning Applications. Two groups of Councillors, one for Holly Green/Ryall/The Grove and the other for Naunton/Uckinghall/Naunton, review all Applications. Their comments formulate our response to MHDC.

We have an ongoing training program for both Councillors and our Clerk. This Group ensures we comply with our training needs and act as a responsible employer.

Responsible for our public communications via notice boards, website, newsletters and the media. Ensures our proper relationship with external organisations

Built Environment
This Group monitors and initiates any maintenance requirements to the built environment, and seeks an early resolution through the appropriate authority.

Rural Environment
Responsible to identify the development/maintenance needs for our trees, public footpaths, and the general rural environment, and ensure timely resolution.

Click to view List of Councillors to see who serves on each Working Group.

In addition, a few short-term Task and Finish groups are assigned to Special Projects

All these Groups meet as required, between regularly scheduled Parish Council meetings, so as to accomplish their tasks working in conjunction with the Clerk. Their reports are circulated before the Council meetings, so that everyone is informed without the need for lengthy verbal reports. These groups cannot initiate any expenditure without the prior approval of the full Parish Council.

For any local issues on which you would like to advice or action please contact the Parish Clerk.